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A special thank you to the wonderful @EmilyPeacock for creating this awesome challenge ^.^


Just post pictures of four of the members in this order... 1) The one who got me in.... 2) The one who I 1st stanned.... 3) The one who made me stay.... 4) The one who crashed my list....

1) The One Who Got Me In.......

Is it bad that I don't even remember who got me in?? I'm pretty sure it was all of them because I never seen a twelve member group.

2) The One Who I First Stanned......

The sassy maknae himself!! I thought he was so cute so I was immediately attracted to him ^.^

3) The One Who Made Me Stay.....

Okay so there's actually a lot that goes into this. Because first of all they were all hot af. Plus their voices....then their dances!!!! I HAD TO STAY

4) The One Who Crashed My List...

This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Like I even changed my name on Vingle because of this freaking unicorn. Yes Yixing has crashed my list and I am proud of it.

Challenging the EXO Overdose Squad :)

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Yay!!! Awesome!!