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original card by @emilypeacock!!
1) the one that got me in: of course he is the one that got me in. he's gorgeous and talented....thanks kai ;)
2) the one that I first stanned: Chanyeol is the one that I love. his smile affects my very soul. I love how he is always happy and how dorky he is
3) the one that made me stay: I have two. chanyeol is my ultimate from exo but I love D.O too....they both kept my hanging on.
4) the one that wrecked my list: EXCUSE MY BYUN BAEKHYUN I DIDNT ASK YOU TO! he's offended me so much. nobody asked him to be beautiful and hilarious and talented and ugh!
Awwww, poor you and Baekhyun XD
he's ruining my life.... @EmilyPeacock
@AubriePope *gently pats your head* Its ok its ok. Every fangirl/boy goes through the T.B.W (The Bias Wrecker) illness. It's what we have to go through in order to survive
@EmilyPeacock for a while I was scared that I was replacing chanyeol with his best friend.....