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1) The one who got me in.... 2) The one who I 1st stanned.... 3) The one who made me stay.... 4) The one who crashed my list....
The first EXO MV I saw was Wolf and this precious face was ALL I saw lol His laugh is contagious. So precious. He is an amazing dancer. I saw him and the Wolf MV and I was all," I need to research further" lol
I don't know when it happened but it hit me like a ton of bricks!! I am pretty sure it was when I saw What Is Love MV the first time. He even stole the UB throne from T.O.P ! The amount of talent in this little peanut kills me ! No clue why the "little peanut " thing started falling out of my mouth. It started during my EXO Chicago trip. LOL He is an amazing actor! He is adorable. His smile lights up a room and his laugh I can't help but giggle. Ok MUST STOP FANGIRLING! No one can bring the fangirl out of me quite like him lol
Sooo this is where I cheat! I stayed for EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM! They are my UB group! When I "fell down the kpop rabbit hole" as I like to call it, I kept seeing people talking about being trash for this group or that group. I finally asked someone what it meant. Was I surprised when I found out OMG I was trash and didn't even know it!
My EXO bias will never change but Sehun has been pushing everyone else around. Long story short, evil maknae is evil!
WARNING!!!! If you want to keep him the adorable, bubble tea loving, perfect gwiyomi singing maknae in your head.... DO NOT WATCH THIS! It was the beginning of the end for me! @EmilyPeacock thanks for starting this card. I love any time I get to fangirl about these babies. If anyone I tagged does this, I would loved to be tagged so I can see your list.
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I wasn't tag but I wanna do this anyways lol
on it although I sort of did one but with all the members in it does that....no I want to make another one
@selfishmachines awesome! I would love to see it!