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4 years with exo
It has been 4 years now since EXO has debuted with MAMA, then XOXO, then overdose, then call me baby, and now love me right! Even though they stated out with 12 and then ended up with only 9 remaining, EXO has become very popular in just a short period of just four very wonderful and exciting years, I hope EXO lives just as long as Earth or in this case, planet EXO! Here are four members that influenced my love for EXO. @EmilyPeacock
Member that got me into kpop: Kris Wu Yi Fan
The one who I first stanned is Baekhyun
The reason I stayed: Kai Kim Jongin
Member that wrecked my list: Xiumin
I just started on EXO four months ago. ...Love them very much too!!
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I miss all of them so much
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Awww I love EXO so much!!!!
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