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So it has been a while since I've updated my tag list so if you would like to be tagged or Un tagged in my cards feel free to let me know ^_^.
A little bit about me My favorite group is Ikon who I post about quite a lot so if you are a fellow Ikonic and wish to be tagged let me know in the comments.
Infinite is another one of my favorite groups and I am going to start posting more for them as well starting on Monday. So if your a fellow Inspirit and would like to be notified let me know!
Then we gave Got7 who is another one of my favorite groups ( I need to start posting more of them as well!)
My interest in Ikon isn't all that high, but I bloody LOVE GOT7. So, maybe I could be on a GOT7 list..... /_\ Oh and memes. I love memes no matter which group it's about.
tag me pwease owo
tag me, ikon and got 7
as always hon, keep tagging
can you keep tagging me, please.
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