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As I've mentioned before, it's festival season. It's time to bring out the kimonos, the destroyed denim, fringe, choker necklaces and your favorite bigger than life hats. While we all know festivals are about music and having the time of your life, let's all be real and understand that festivals also have a lot to do with fashion. It's not a festival unless you're rockin' your trendiest festival attire. Leave it up to everyone's favorite retailer aka Target to have some of the best festival looks this spring. If you're attending a festival this season or just want to dress like it, keep scrolling to see how it's done.

Have you ever been to a festival?

Sounds super cute!!! Love harem pants @primodiva93
I love wine festivals! I wore a pink crop top, electric blue harem pants, fedora, and sandals.
I've been to many food festivals but I always wear a light top and black jeggings becuase I was volunteering. On the side note, I'm loving all the target pieces! I think Target is one of those places I always forget about when shopping for clothes. They have great basics and trendy items that are just as edgy as independent brands.
I love Target! they definitely have some amazing pieces and they are all super trendy. as for the black jeggings sounds super comfortable! love it :) @cindystran