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Thankfully, none of my immediate friends, or even my Facebook friends, have started having children yet. However, I know the day is imminent, as we all careen towards adulthood and grown up stuff.
I live in fear of the day that I'm asked to hold a friend's child. Or even baby sit, god forbid.
Thankfully, the Pigeon Gazette understands my feelings all too well, and this comic represents the real fear that tiny humans should inflict into your soul.
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I swear, half the babies I hold are saying this
I laughed way harder than I should have
That's the u just picked me up for the first time glare of death it can get intense it's a test to see if your worthy for if u shall fail the consequences will be devastating 馃樁
LMAO This is like me and babies. I'm like NOOOO IF I TOUCH YOU YOU WILL DIE.