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Just some of my Favorite Exo Memes
Four with EXO Challenge Tagged by @PrincessUnicorn
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is it bad that I am both a Otaku and a kpopper?
2 years ago·Reply
absolutely not. I personally am also both thats why I love that meme. by the way were you and otaku or kpopper 1st
2 years ago·Reply
I'm also both. I was an otaku first before a kpopper. My expectations for men was already high when I was just watching anime and reading manga, and now..... it's even higher because kpop entered my life XD
2 years ago·Reply
@HikariAkuhei I was an otaku first until I saw an amv with kpop in it and now I'm a kpopping otaku
2 years ago·Reply
awesome I totally feel you for me it was kinda similar like I had seen Kpop MV's while I was only an Otaku but they we girl groups and I was very interested but then in my anime all nighters I came across an EXO debut and I was love struck from then on. But no regrets !!
2 years ago·Reply