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Annyoung My Fellow A.R.M.Y.s ! ♡

Bangtan Sonyeondan will be releasing their special album 'HwaYangYeonHwa Young Forever' & will be having their special epilogue concert overseas which will take place on May 7th & 8th! :) Teaser photos has been released! xD Link: (Credit to Allkpop)


Rap Monster ♡♡

V ♡♡

J-Hope ♡♡

Jin ♡♡

Jimin ♡♡

Jung Kook ♡♡

My GOD they look so gorgeous and handsome!!! :D ♡♡♡♡ I am so looking forward to their special album and their concert! I wonder where the concert is going to take place and what 'H.Y.Y.H Young Forever' is going to be like :) I know it's going to be perfect! Keep your eyes open for more details coming soon! We will keep everyone posted.
Fangirling over Bangtan like.. ♡__♡
It's like every time I hear about a BTS comeback I just can't control my feels xD lol
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Reporter @parktaemi ♡♡

is namjoon hair blonde or pink
@primodiva93 I'm dying already! (🐳 Sky)
I'm not ready! lol
the excitement is real!
Yass ikr xD Suga is bae 😍😍💕💖 (Taemi🐱) @JasminMartinez
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