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PlayStation 1 classic, Fear Effect, looks like it's getting a sequel coming from developer Sushee. If you don't know what Fear Effect is (either 'cause you're too young or you just didn't play the game, I'm apart of the latter group), it was a PS1 game that came out in the late 2000s that -- I'm assuming -- was about some spy stuff.
My memory really isn't serving me properly but all I remember about this game is that the main characters were two badass ladies who did spy stuff. And I love spy stuff. So, I'm all for this game. Unfortunately, there isn't much information on the game just yet. They just released a teaser for an announcement that, hopefully, is coming soon.
The game is being developed by a small company called Sushee. And they've gotten permission to work on this title by the Square Enix Collective. Which, apparently, is a part of Square Enix that gives the rights to certain Eidos games to smaller game companies if they want to work on those IPs.
This is interesting because a lot of indie developers are trying to remake older titles (I'm sure you already know what I talk about since this is such an issue these days). And I think Square Enix is doing something great by allowing indie companies to add new iterations to beloved series.
It's something that I think a lot of other game companies should do, especially if they're the big ones. It's seems like a great way to build positive PR for your giant game company and a way to give indie devs the work they deserve.
Yes Yes Yes, I loved this game!
i vaguely remember this game