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THE CHALLENGE: Just post pictures of four of the members in this order... 1) The one who got me in.... 2) The one who I 1st stanned.... 3) The one who made me stay.... 4) The one who crashed my list....
Kai got me in he was the 1st teaser and I was like its taemin twin haha I really liked Kai first he was bias.
After a couple years I really got into EXO like hard core and Chanyeol is my BF bias he was the first real bias and then kyunsoo smiled and it was over form there hahah.
To be honest all of them made me stay they are all so different and cute in their own.
Baekhyun came crashing into my life on 2/10/15 he winked at the crowd and I lost it hahah he ruined my bias list so bad he is cute and sexy as hell at the same time and those hips get me 😭
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XD I like how you put the date of when Baekhyun ruined your life
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@EmilyPeacock I mean I liked Baekhyun before then but yeah he pretty much ruined me on that day hahha
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