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{NC} Anime Clichés: The almost kiss
*Peter Griffin voice* you know what really grinds my gears? Those infamous "almost kiss" moments in anime where the two characters you're shipping and rooting for have their faces inches apart from each other and you're just like DO IT.
This also includes the moments when they embrace each other or have that convenient falling on the other person moment.
@InVinsybll Sorry I couldn't find more gifs with almost kisses.
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@LuvVing56 it's several
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@LuvVing56 kimi no todoke, fruits basket, Ouran high school host club, and Shugo Chara
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It's been quite some time that someone's uploaded some Fruit's Baskets & Shugo Chara posts! 'Love those two animes since I was in my youngin days (now I'm a high school we with no senpai ;-;)! And yes, I agree with you (just kissu)!!
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