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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

(Spring 2016 Anime, Only 1 ep so far) Let me just start off by saying.... WOW. Just finished the 1st episode and I'm hooked, stunned, eager and all of the above..(maybe it's just me) Now people are going around saying it's an Aot ripoff... but let me just go ahead and say it doesn't feel that way at all...The underlying background of the story is the same as aot... but to me this anime feels different... And the concept appeals much more to me than aot's (opinion) If anything this anime pulls from multiple other concepts out there as well. Essentially humanity has been pushed back by these monsters called kabane to "stations" (basically yea train stations) which in this world are huge areas that have been blocked off from the outside world and the only way to travel between stations or the outside world(for goods etc) is via trains(which are limited and are typically heavily armored). But the issue is supplies because slowly station by station eventually kabane over run them.
Meet the MC A cool, bad ass, courageous, geek boy genius who already to me seems like a better character than eren(I just really find eren annoying). His similar in the fact that he's tired of humanity fighting on defense and doing stupid things out of fear and sets out on inventing things that can help combat the "kabane". So far after ep1 I have no gripes about him.
Im guessing she'd be the 2nd main character..... Let's just say right of the bat... there is blood gore etc... And this girl is a playful killing machine....(what it seems like so far) and that's all I need to say for you to know what kinda role she'll be playing :'(
Kabane...The titans of this show...(but human sized)Their more or less zombies..who have so far been pushing back humanity constantly.. They spread by biting humans and infecting them with a virus turning them into kabane. Their weak point is their heart which pretty much glows... but humanity's current weapons (steam guns) can't pierce their hearts.
I encourage you guys to watch and come back if you haven't already!!! :) I have really high hopes for this... hope it doesn't leave me with nothing like aot did...
I heard this anime was made by the creators of AoT so that would explain the similar plot and background.
@simplynick hmmm I'll have to see if it interests me dramatical murder and attack on titan anime are my number 1 animes
Is this anime good I love zombie stuff and love attack on titan
@RachaelMacy Seems amazing! Just came out! so only 1 ep. :)
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