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Thank you @Gaarita100 for this really fun screenshot game ^-^

Sehun hello my old friend!

Yessssss D.O! I'm really happy about this actually •﹏•

I mean... you are quite adorable ..... = ̄ω ̄=

Suho, why tho.... why are you so hard to get along with?!?


Baek..... why >-> was I drunk or somethin

Aw, Luhan...

Kai, you would >->

(No one get mad, I just see him as the play boy heart-breaker guy )

Sooo.... the one I couldnt get along with is the one I end up with? Is this a fan fiction or something? I mean... Im OK with it

Sorry for the lack of cards, I'm realllyyy procrastinating lately..... heh... Also, is anyone else having the problem of when I highlight things on mobile to enlarge them the word goes away? it happened to me all throughout the card and I'm so annoyed....

I apologize for any mistakes or repeats! I'm trying to keep them at a minimum (;-;)

Also, sorry if my cards are boring or anything, just tell me what to improve!Let me know what you guys think!

lol these results are awesome cause luhan secretly was inlove with you and you got to date chanyeol while secretly being with baekhyun just gotta have CHANBAEK 😂😂😂😁
your cards or fantastic!
hehe i loved that plot twist at the end. and you know what they say, "there's a fine line between love and hate." maybe you couldn't get along because the attraction was overwhelming. maybe he saw you with Chanyeol AND Baek and misjudged you. gosh getting so excited over the many possbile scenarios in which the hate developed and then turned to love! 😆
loved your results thanks for playing 😊
@EmilyGardner thank you ^-^
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