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Who else has been listening to EXO all day to celebrate?!?! (more like everyday but you get what I mean) Words can't even describe how much these guys mean to me, so here's to many more years with these amazing men, EXO-L and EXO forever!
1. The One Who Got Me In...
To be fair all of them drew me in but more specifically I caught myself paying more attention to Baekhyun...his vocals are heavenly *cries*
2. The One I First Stanned...
Baekhyun taking over my life every episode of EXO Showtime, this beagle refused to let go
3. The One Who Made Me Stay...
Oh. Flipping. Sehun. Bacon didn't stand a chance. I saved a couple of pictures of him before I even knew who he was. (he showed up when I was looking up BTS pictures!) His dancing, the derp faces, the SASS, his smile, his laugh, and when he sings? *fangirls to near death* A constant threat to my UB Kookie
4. The One Who Crashed My List...
Kim Minseok the cutest most adorable person on the face of this planet with the most beautiful eyes and nicest smile. Caring, LOVES COFFEE and has so much cuddling potential why do you show your abs please stop, no don't, i'm kidding but whyyyyy my hearteu

I live by the proverb: Better Yehet Today Than Kkaebsong Tomorrow

ahhhhh fetus exo, #neverforget those fringes in mama! > <
I'm so proud of them!!! But what breaks my heart is that Luhan Tao and Kris can't celebrate this with them!! It's been a hard but also amazing 4 years!!!
this is great! it seems to be a common theme for xiumin to wreck ppls lists....
that's awesome! Its already been four years. Its too bad that not all original members made the four years. I sure do miss those missing members like Luhan. 😢
I feel you😭 I'm just really happy that they've been successful in their careers since Exo