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My Dino Jonghyun is turning 26 today! (in korea! tomorrow where im at ㅋㅋ)
I hope you slept in like a good puppy!
It's your day so go crazy!!
Laugh a lot and smile because we love you!
I know you might cry, because our love makes you emotional, but we can wipe those tears!
Be sure to eat lots of cake!
Dont worry about your abs, they wont melt!
Thank you for everything you do for us Dino! We love you!
Just being you is amazing, you are such a great role model and you have become an amazing man!

생일축하해 오빠!!! 사랑해요!!

His song Happy Birthday also made it back on the trending stream chart ^^ #HappyJonghyunDay!! So share some Jjong love today and tomorrow guys!!! (no images are mine)
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@VixenViVi No problem, lol :) And of course! I've been sending him a few tweets...I just can't wait for the day that I can write those in Korean xD
@AlyssaGelet818 생일축하해 is happy birthday ^^ it's a start!
@VixenViVi I know! I actually tweeted him that..".생일축하해요, 오빠!" I watch a ton of dramas and have studied a little so I know quite a few key phrases and I can read hangul as well. I always send him 사랑해요 as well ^^
@VixenViVi My mom and I even sang the Korean version of that on each others birthdays XD
my babiii he's so cute. happy birthday ; ^ ;