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*It's an early morning in April, The sun has barely begun to show through the window of Zakku's window, Zakku's Alarm goes off, a sleepy Zakku struggles reach over and knocks his over the Alarm clock hitting the snooze button in the process* Uggggggghhhh.... I was sleeping so well!*inaudible sounds exit Zakku as he falls asleep again, then there's a small knock on the door and it opens slightly, Little Enju pokes her head into his room* Papa, Are you Awake?*Zakku doesn't respond, Enju walks over to his bedside and pokes his face* Papa, Wake up! Wake up! *Zakku opens up one eye and notices Enju poking his cheek* Oh Good morning Enju-chan what's up?* Enju looks at her Papa* Remember you said you were going to let me meet your childhood friend a couple weeks ago?*Zakku realizes he just forgot* Crap I almost forgot that day was today, You might have just saved my butt from her wrath, Thank you Enju-chan!*Zakku smiles at little Enju, She smiles back*Meanwhile on the other side of town a young blonde woman with a Red ribbon gets ready for her day with a smile* I can't wait to meet you Enju-chan. I wonder what kind of father Zakku is.* Flashback to weeks before, Zakku is on the phone with his Childhood Friend* Hey, You'll never guess what just happened to me a week ago, I became the Father of a little girl!* On the other end of the line an excited voice replies* Whaaaaat you adopted a little girl!?! What's her name?* Zakku replies with a Cheerful voice* Her name is Enju and she's 5 years old and I rescued from Two small Gastrea!* The Voice replies* How cute is she? When can I meet her?* Zakku replies* She's the sweetest little girl you'll ever meet! How about in the 2 weeks at the park, You'll be on break from school then.*The Voice replies with a Moe voice* Awwwww, I wish I graduated early like you did, Curse your Genius level intellect, Grrr!*Zakku laughs and replies* Come on don't be like that, You know you've got brains too, remember you were ranked 2nd in School before I graduated early! Honestly Though I never thought the school would allow me to do that! I'm sure you've made it to the top like you always wanted to since a year ago! Besides these 2 weeks will pass by quickly, I promise* The Voice laughs shyly* You got me there I sure did! Alright I'll see you in two weeks, See you then Zakku!*Zakku replies* See you in two weeks!
*Back to the Present day, Zakku and Enju Both enter a taxi and head for the park, during the Ride Enju starts asking Zakku questions about His Childhood Friend, Meanwhile His Friend waits in the Middle of the park, Her long Blonde Hair is waving in the breeze* Hey Papa, What is she like, your childhood friend?* Zakku Smiles nervously and replies* Hmmm let's see She's Cute, Funny, Caring, Kind-hearted, Supportive, Loving, Loyal, Sweet and She has a very heart-warming smile that you can never stay mad at and She* Zakku looks away nervously and notices that he is blushing, His mind is racing* Crap, I think I might've Gushed too much!* Enju looks at Zakku who is Beet red and trying his best to look away in the cramped taxi, She replies* You love her don't you, Papa?* Zakku's Face grows even redder, His brain is screaming* I did go overboard! This gonna be so weird walking with them both now!!* Zakku nervously responds*I don't know what you're talking... Heh...Heh heh Oh Look We're here!!!*Zakku and Enju Get out of the Taxi and begin to make their way to the park, Enju is getting excited, Zakku says* She should be around here somewhere, but I don't see her anywhere! She did say she'd meet us in the Middle of the park, right?*Little Enju replies* I think so, There's so many people here today, Papa! Do you think we'll find her soon* Zakku puts Enju on his shoulders* Of course she's easy to find in a crowd!*
*Meanwhile Working her way to the middle of the crowd of people Appears before Zakku and Enju, She smiles at Zakku and Hugs him, Enju suddenly hides behind Zakku* Long time no see, Chitoge-chan! How you been?* Chitoge smiles and replies* I've been doing alright, but it's not the same around school anymore without you around! How's Life as a Militia Marine and a new Papa?* Zakku is captivated by Chitoge's smile, His heart is beating hard in his chest, He starts to feel nervous, Chitoge leans in* What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?* Zakku is blushing on the outside, His Mind is racing* Wow She's gotten even more beautiful since I've seen her last. It's like the heavens are shining their light upon her. I wonder what her face would look like if I confessed to her today.* Enju pokes her head out from behind Zakku's back, She makes Eye contact with Chitoge and smiles* Hey Papa, I think found her! Didn't you say she would be the prettiest one in the park?*Zakku snaps back to reality, He looks at Chitoge* Huh!?! Oh yea she is!* Enju hops down from Zakku's back and stands next to Him, She looks at Chitoge, Chitoge smiles and she starts to freak out* KYAAAAAAAH SHE'S SO CUUUUUUUTEEE, IS THIS... ENJU-CHAN!* Zakku smiles, replies and looks down at Enju* Yes it is! Go on and introduce yourself, kiddo.* Enju walks up to Chitoge and bows and says* I'm Aihara Enju, nice to meet you!* Enju smiles and Chitoge looks as if she's been struck by Cupids arrow, She suddenly hugs her* I've been waiting to meet you for a long time, Enju-chan.*Enju's mind* Her hugs are warm, just like Momma's hugs were when she was alive* A memory of Enju's mother begins to play in her mind, Little Enju is crying and Her mother hugs her tightly and says* Don't worry Momma won't ever leave you!* Enju smiles and sees a fountain, She runs back to Zakku and asks* Hey Papa, can I have 5¥ coin?* Zakku is confused and hands her the coin* Sure, what for? *Enju Smiles and replies* There's a fountain over there and I wanna go make a wish* Zakku and Chitoge look at each other, Zakku asks* What are you going to wish for, Enju-chan?* Enju smiles and replies* If I tell you the wish won't come true!* Enju runs ahead to the fountain* Zakku asks Chitoge* What do you think she's up too?* Chitoge looks at Zakku and shrugs* I have no idea, but she looked so happy about what was on her mind* Enju looks at the Fountain, and she puts her hands over her heart and closes her eyes, Enju's mind* Please hear my wish Kami-Sama! My wish is to have a Mommy again! I want a Family again and I want Papa to have more happiness in his life! Please hear me Kami-Sama!* Enju smiles turns around and flips the coin into the fountain, Zakku calls out to her Smiling* Enju-chan, Come on We're gonna go for a walk around the city!* Enju runs back to Zakku and Chitoge and grabs both of their hands and the begin to walk to the Downtown District*
NEXT TIME ON THE BIONIC MAGIC KING! Chpt 3: A Motherly Connection; LIFE ON THE LINE!! Ending song: Tokohana by Nagi Yanagi (Black Bullet)
Hope you enjoy it Chapter 2!! I shall begin working on Chapter 3 soon! Until then this is @BlackoutZJ! See Ya!! Tagging: @Aimebolanos @InVinsybll @tylor619cruz @PASCUASIO @Alcides13 @ray15quil98 @NeckoNecko @simplynick and @SAMURXAI
@SimoneSanders I'm glad you're enjoying it😄
this is getting interesting
@SimoneSanders ah most welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yeah what I do is play the music on a seperate device and read the story on my phone! that is a bummer you can't just play it on the same mobile device.
@SimoneSanders I guess the music works for the people with access to a computer I really wish that videos could be played also as you read it from smaller devices
i just got done with ch 3 i see wat u did their use the kid to get them to say i love you good move hopping more in your story that i can get more feels...also i like the touch of the song to bad u cant play them while you read them would add 10 times the feel...i can see this turning into something good keep up the work @BlackoutZJ. and thank @SAMURXAI for letting me kno bout the storys 😀
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