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Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. I decided to update with another chapter. So I hope everyone is enjoying this well. So let's get to it shall we?

(Raylin's POV) After finsihing my report, I left to go home. "Dr. Lee?" I turned around to see Dr. Kim come up "Going home?" He asked I nodded, "Trying to," I joked, "How was the session with Kyungsoo?" he asked, "I finally got him to talk, but I don't understand why you had me be his therepist." I asked looking at him. "Because you know him better." He said I sighed and nodded. "Well, I'll let you get home, your fiance is probably waiting." He said I smiled and said my goodbyes and went out to the parking lot. When I got home, Minseok wasn't there, so I called him. "Hello?" "Hey, where are you? I just got home." "Oh, sorry Jagiya, I went to go get some dinner for us, Chen and Lay are coming over." "Okay, I'll see you home soon then." After I said that we hung up, as I started tyding up our apartment. *Knock, knock* "Hey, anyone home?" I heard Jongdae say into the house. "Hey in here" I said "Hey Ray" I looked up to see the two boyscome in, "Hey Chen, Lay" I said putting down a file I was reading over. "It's been a month." Lay said breaking the silence "It has" I said we all looked at each otther when a tear threatened to fall. "Hey Jagi" I looked up to see Xiumin come in "Hey, honey" I said as he walked over and gave me a quick kiss " are we talking about Tao?" He asked putting the food out on the little table, we all nodded "I miss him too, especially Luhan and Kris" He said holding my hand. "How is.... He doing?" Lay asked I sighed "You guys know I can't-" "We know" Chen said cutting me off "He's.... well, He actually talked during our session today." I said, they all looked at me "Jagiya, your not-" "I am, and they said they wanted me to do it because I knew him better, maybe we can get answers...and closure." I said picking at my food. "Where's Kai?" I asked "He should've been in his room." Xiumin answered "Jongin! Chicken!" He yelled walking down the hallway, "how has he been doing?" Chen asked I just gave him a sad smile "Hi guys." We look up to see Kai in a baggy shirt andskinny jeans on "Hi noona" He said sitting next to me. Kai and D.O. were my first friends that I met when I started school here, I worked with D.O. at a cafe. "How are you feeling today?" I asked as he hugged my side, I stroked his hair "Like shit" He chuckled. "How about your arm? Is it hurting you still?" He lifted up his casted arm, "I took my pain pills just an hour ago." He said "Here eat some food okay." I said getting up and making him a small plate. I felt bad for Kai, he watched his boyfriend kill one of our friends right in front of him, and got injured by him. After awhile it started getting late Chen and Lay left so it was just Xiumin, Kai and myself home, "Jagi, are you working tomorrow?" "Just for a couple hours I gotta turn in my reports and paperwork, why?" I asked, he came up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist "Let's go on a date, I'm off tomorrow" He said I smiled, "What about Kai?" I said "Me and him will go out for lunch tomorrow and hang out over at Sehun and Baekhyun's place tomorrow until you get off" He said. I smiled and nodded. "Sounds good" He peaked my lips "I'm going to talk with Kai about tomorrow" He said I wrapped my arms around him tighter "Okay" I gave him a better kiss "I'm going to throw on some running clothes and go for my run." I said He nodded as we spilt ways heading in different directions. I threw on my leggings and a windbreaker, and grabbed my debit card. "I'm heading out" I yelled, "Okay be carful Jagiya" "See ya Noona" I heard them both yell. I walked out of my apartment and headed down the street. . . . . . . (Kyunsoo's POV) Silly doctors, think that there's something wrong with me, ha there isn't. I just enjoy killing, Those three were weak and gave in easily.... I'm going to get the rest, I'll find them.... Kidnap them.... Torture them.... Kill Them... Oh it's just way to easy. I just have to play dumb and wait for my chance.... "I'll see you next week Noona." I smiled at her as they took me back to my room.

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