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This woman is the destroyer of Ovaries the Killer of squad members the Scar of the Thunder squad and now im getting my revenge this is just how its gonna be
Lets start with Mr.Creeper himelf better known as Sehun Remember this mom oh of course you do
But lets also add someone just as great in her eyes MR.PARK CHANYEOL
But what happens when you put the two together Someones might just die *Cough cough OUR TARGET*cough cough*
But do you know who she thinks is even better Ravi yes our friend from VIXX he's Mr.Creeper#2
BUT WAIT THERES MORE We all know N right he's also her favorite (She's more indecisive than I am)
And when you put them together thats an another whole story
Target Confirmed and more than likely dead already LOVE YOU MOM and to the The Thunder Squad this was for all the times she has murdered you guys
😂😂😂 in the process you almost killed me along with @ElleHolley because Chanyeol is my bias and Sehun is my bias wrecker
I've made a tactical error looking at these ❤^❤
YAASSSSSS YAAASSSSSS 👏👏👏👏👏 She's gonna get me tho for applauding you! 😥😥😥😥😥
@ScarletMermaid it's coming now 😈😈😈😈😈 Taochelle
@jessicaacosta90 @YAHJosalynn you both should dig deep
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