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Yesterday was a bit of a downer, but it's Feel Good Friday, so now we get to showcase anime cliches that make us smile!

Insane Characters/Sociopaths

I'm not talking like yanderes. I mean messed up in the head, characters with a twisted sense of morality, madness, or internal conflict. These are usually, but not always, the villain-that-you-can't-hate type with a god complex. They always seem to possess some profound wisdom about the human condition, and they're just so fascinating to me.

Over the Top Anime Expressions/Reactions

This cliche annoys some viewers, but I think that it is an essential part of what makes anime anime, and I love it! This is also one of the leading reasons that I believe live action adaptations don't tend to work because, I don't care how good your actors are, they cannot pull that off!

Sweet Innocent Anime Boys

It's not just the looks that real boys will never live up to. They come in different shades, but these kinds of characters just make me smile! Instead of taking advantage of suggestive situations they get all shy and blushy and it's just so kawaii! Then there's the whole sect that will never let you cry, which just makes me cry because I think that is so sweet! Why can't anime boys be real!?


I know yesterday, I griped a little about the overwhelming power of friendship, the end all be all of battle strategies, but that's not what I'm talking about now. I'm talking about those feel good moments that, make you smile, draw you in and make you feel like part of the family!
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