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Today's songs (yes, plural) are coming to you from Tigers Jaw. They've been through a lot of line-up changes over the past couple of years and I think they're pretty much on an indefinite hiatus. I never got to see them live and part of me hates that because I know I had plenty of opportunity to.
And speaking of opportunity (easy segue), in relationships -- especially ones that have ended or are in the process of ending -- there's an opportunity everyone stumbles upon. You can either give-up the ghost of what could have been or you can keep chasing it, no matter how bad it was for either party.
The songs Plane vs. Tank vs. Submarine and I Saw Water cover both of these feelings. PvTvS is the decision you make when you want to keep pursuing a relationship that's obviously hitting the rocks but it's all about the eventual progression and realization that it isn't working out. And when I Saw Water it's the song that covers the feeling of finally letting it all go. It makes sense that Tigers Jaw usually plays these songs into one another because they both cover the same ground. Below, I posted a live acoustic version of these songs because they're a little more tranquil than they usually are.

Notable Lyrics (Plane vs. Tank vs. Submarine):

Lie to me like you used to. Tell me everything is how it should be. Lie to me, did you have to? Because in the end it never matters what I think. And I can barely tell the sky from the shoreline. And I can see myself reflected in your eyes.

Notable Lyrics (I Saw Water):

I've never felt that lost before. I just don't feel incredible. But me, well of course I liked you, Have time for me, I don't expect you to. I see me become a recluse. It's very easy to seclude. I saw water. I felt better. Well I woke up feeling embarrassed from When I drowned in my swimming pool. You thought it was an accident, but I just can't get along with you.