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You waited and waited, your body numb from your unmoving position. It felt like a stake had penetrate thru your heart. You waited for his return from work it seemed like he constantly avoided you. It sacred you thinking you had done something terribly wrong. Your mind started to form unhealthy thoughts to cope with the frightful situation. He sometimes became distant towards you, but nothing as bad as this.
That’s when you heard the door open and close, signaling he was home. Standing up from your spot on the sofa you swayed a bit due to the numb feeling in your legs. He walking into the living where you stood not even spare a glance. He continue up to the bedroom, you felt like the foreigner you were. Biting back tears you made your way after him.
"Jagi" you called out to him from the door way. He had his back to you as he started to boot up his computer. "Leo" You tried again as he shift, you could tell he somewhat acknowledge your existence.
He finally covered his ears and set to work from he left off. Sighing you change into some shorts and a large sweater that was originally from Hyuk, who was like a brother to you. You caught from the corner of you eye Leo watching you because of the sweater you chose to worn, which he hated. Your chest exploded with pain when he look away, It was as if he didn't care about you anymore.
Crawling under the thin blanket you turned your back towards him. You could not sleep a wink, you were wide awake. You have a constant jittery nervous feeling running through your body. You felt the bed dip beside you signaling Leo finally decide to sleep. Tilting your head the clock beside the bed on the nightstand read 2:53. letting out a death breath you closed your eyes hoping to fall asleep and this all passes.
You rushed into Jellyfish Entertainment, angry. You have never felt so hurt as you rushed up the stairs. You didn't take the elevator for it was 'too slow' in your angered opinion at the moment. Passing multiple rooms you searched for one in particular. Stopping in front of the chosen door, you held in you breath trying to calm a bit. You gave the door three small yet clear knocks. You waited your angered dying down a bit, becoming replaced by distress. The door then open slowly as you were met with Leo chest, due too you being vertical challenged.
Pushing past him and into the small personal studio you did a small 360 to face him. He finally looked at you as if now knowing you exist.
"Taekwoon, we need to talk" You stated as your voice wavered, just a bit. Closing the door he sat down as he sat beside him. You only used his name if it was a serious situation or a private intimate moment.
"Why have you been avoiding me?" You pleaded out desperately tears pricking at the corner of your eyes. "Did...Did I do some...thing wrong? Please te...tell me. I will try to fi...fix it." You were a stuttering mess as your body shook, your heart relentlessly aching.
"Jagi." He softly whispered, his hand went to reach out to caress your cheek. You flinch from his touch for it felt foreign to you. You were always shy and careful of skinship, but it seem that him not noticing you brought up your walls. It did take a while for you both to be like a normal couple.
"I am sorry. I was so lost and confused. I felt that everything was just to real, even you. It seemed like it could disappear any minute." He glance at you gently a lone tear fell form his eyes, this was the first time Leo was showing you his true emotions. Smiling through your tears you grabbed his hands and squeezed. He went and push you hair behind you ear as he observed your face. He hoped it all wasn't at dream for he worked so hard to obtain this life.
"This is real. What you have is real. What we have is real." You stated as you reached forward crashing your lips together. He pulled you in closer for he hope you will always be by his side. Breaking the kiss you rest your head on his shoulder.
"Y/N." He whispered his lips by your ear. The warmth of his breath showered your neck as you shivered.
"Yes, Taek" You responded content with the moment.
"I am burning Hyuk sweater when we get home."
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Awwweeeeeee I loved this.