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Mikasa's best moment?
Mikasa is my favorite character in Attack on Titan. She's calm, strong willed, smart, and her loyalty to Eren is unbreakable. But despite all these wonderful traits... she's very anti-social, and shows little to no emotion. she does not express herself or her feelings (unless Eren is in trouble.) Nothing gets to her. However... In this scene in the anime. she finds Eren alive after believing he was killed. She could not hold in her emotions and started crying. all while holding Eren as tightly as she could so my fellow viewers, is this a moment of weaknesses, or strength?
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@JosephBurton She said it after he was able to balance on the contraption thing and stopped hitting his head. Lol and then Connie and the blond kid looked at her like she lost it for a second. You had to be looking for it. Was quick.
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Shows just how strong she was even when she was worried sick she led comrades and her showing this emotion will only make her stronger in the end
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@Ghastly Ohh yeah! I remember that part. Even I was sitting there like... "Really Mikasa......Really"
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@Baekyeol27 I think that had to be the funniest part in the whole show. She's completely obsessed with him. She just can't help herself. xD
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