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Help me.

So I'm constantly being attacked on Instagram for cosplaying Jimin from BTS. And the Fucking (pardon my language) comments are so rude and literally making me hate that even did a cosplay or Jimin now.
People keep telling me to kill myself for using idols to to fetish by dressing up as them People are calling me racist And ugly for it People are telling me that I'm trying to hard to look Asian when I'm fucking not. I just was inspired by tier makeup so I did makeup that was inspired by that song and the makeup that Jimin wears in that album. And I'm being attacked. I'm literally so sad and anxious and angry because I'm so self concious of my cosplays as it is and just as self conscious about myself in general. Like I'm not trying to "yellow face" or offend people or being racist. I've blocked at least 10 people and made my Instagram private.
who cares about them haters. let them live their miserable lives and just do what you want.
ok you know that old video of the big kid on vine (cant think of his name) where he has spoons over his eyes? and says" im just bllloocking out the haters" ? its your life and hobby and if YOU want to do it, as long as you arent doing any harm to yourself or anyone else fuck what they say.
Ignore and block...
Don't listen to those assholes. They don't get the concept of cosplay, of representing a character we love. To them, it's Halloween. To us, it's like freaking Christmas, freedom to let out our inner otaku without fear of judgement. Screw em.
If it makes you happy and you feel good about yourself and you are genuinely doing it for enjoyment...I don't think it matters.
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