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Dance practice begins as normal; you teaching them new steps by having them mirror your movements. As you move on to the part where female back up dancers are to be added; he steps up to partner with you.
He’s discarded his shirt again and the normal 6 inch space between dancers has been minimized to 2. You attempt to regain dancer’s personal space but in order to do so it requires you to place your hand on his bare chest. You can feel the beat of his heart, the rhythm that hitches as you more firmly establish contact. Sensing what you are about to do, his hands drop to your hips, locking you in place.
As the music stops all you can hear is the harsh intermingling of your breath. His hand comes up to push a loose hair back from your face. Unable to control yourself you look up to his face. His eyes, focused on your lips; cause you to lick them unconsciously. He moves his hand to the back of your head as he drops his lips to yours. After a small tasting he pulls back just enough to whisper, “Mine", then pulls your bottom lip between his teeth.
What the hell?!?!
Shit, it was another dream.
It was a different dream this time; this one mixing the events of the day with your wants. Oh God, who are you going to murder for waking you up this time? You look over at your night stand; the clock reads 2:30am. You throw a pillow over your face and scream into it. Someone had better be bleeding or dead.
You reach over for your phone and squint at the bright light from the screen. It’s a text message from [HN].
HN: Noona…
YOU: Are you dying? Or bleeding?
HN: Depends on how you define dying.
YOU: What? It’s 2:30 in the morning, I was sleeping.
HN: So was I. Were you dreaming?
YOU: What are you talking about?
HN: There was a very sexy tiger in my dream.
YOU: You’re into animals now? Wow, thanks for the revelation.
HN: You were my sexy tiger.
NOW you’re awake. You sit up, trying to pay better attention to the conversation.
HN: Tell me you don’t feel the same way and I’ll leave you alone.
Shit. Is this guy for real? Do you have the courage to answer his question honestly?
HN: I know you do, that’s your problem with me isn’t it?
HN: But it isn’t a problem, I feel the same.
YOU: [HN] you don’t know what you’re talking about.
HN: You admitted yesterday I’m a man. I know very well my thoughts and feelings.
YOU: I’m so much older… doesn’t it seem weird?
HN: Age is a number. You don’t act or look like that number.
HN: We get on better than most, don’t kill the possibility.
HN: [YN]?
At his informal address you realize your sunk. You have no idea how to fight him, you really don't want to.
YOU: Yes?
HN: Was I in your dream?
YOU: Yes.
HN: Was it good? Did age matter?
You close your eyes for just a minute.
YOU: Yes and No
HN: Same. I woke aching to just reach out to you.
HN: [YN]?
YOU: Yes?
HN: Dream of me again and [YN]?
You swallow, slightly afraid of his next words.
YOU: Yes [HN]?
HN: I will make these dreams come true.
may the kpop fangirls rest ib peace @GriseldaZenger is writing magic and our heats may not be able to take it 😍😍😍 😁😁 this is the first fanfic I've really enjoyed, @GriseldaZenger thank you for being a wonderful writer
curling my fingers here. Why you got play with my feels. Lol can't wait for the next update
OMG..! this looks like a teeeeaaaaaser!!!! aaaaahh!!! I am pulling my hair ...
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