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Jungkook pov
I woke up feeling sore all over. I couldn't move my body no matter how much I told my body to. I could feel rope tying up my hands and feet so moving might not be possible for awhile. A balled up sock was stuffed into my mouth and secured with a strip of duct tape. To make this situation worse, there was a person sitting on my back. Luckily I was already facing outwards so I could see who was in the van. I opened my eyes just enough to look at my surroundings.
Y/N. She was tied up similarly to how I was but no one was sitting on her. There were two people sitting on either side of her poking her every now and then and messing up her hair. There was another person at the end of my feet and one more near the back door of the van. I could see another person in the passenger seat talking to the driver. That makes seven people, three men and three women, one unidentified. One of them behind me started to talk.
"When do you think they're going to wake up?"
"It might be a while, I knocked them out pretty well." Another said.
"What are we supposed to do with them once we get them to the place?"
"Probably just tie them back up and torture one while the other watches."
"I know that this is our job but, beating someone up who did nothing seems kinda cruel."
"This is just an experiment. All we need to worry about is not killing them."
"I suppose so." Then there were a few minutes of silence. "Whenever they wake up,
should we tell them that we're from the facility?"
"I think we should." The person who was sitting on me said. "The girl, she seems too kind to just beat someone up at the first sign of danger. There should be a way that they know if someone is from the facility immediately."
"This one is Jungkook, isn't it?" The one sitting by the door moved in front of me and leaned down by my face. I closed my eyes and pretended that I was still out. "Are you sure that this is the one she picked?" I'm assuming one of them nodded. "So, we're only allowed to attack y/n and this one here? The other members are off limits unless Jungkook is out." The person ruffled my hair and poked at my cheek.
"Aye, he's very handsome. I almost wish I was y/n so I could be with Bangtan all the time." A woman across the van said.
"Get 'em out, we're here." The driver said. Two people carried me out and handed me to two other people waiting outside the van and did the same to y/n. We were carried to what looked like an old storage house. I was sat up against some boxes beside y/n and I sneaked a peak at y/n to see if she was showing any signs of being awake. She looked like she was still out and her head even lolled to the side.
"Take off all of the ropes and take the socks out. Loosely tie their hands in front of them." A newcomer said. Some other people did as they were told and I acted like I was still out. "It's been like an hour since you knocked them out. I told you not to kill them."
"I didn't, sir!" The man who sat on me in the van said. "Maybe they were just more vulnerable to it than others."
"Or you killed them!" I heard heavy footsteps come towards me then stop right in front of me. "So she chose Jungkook, Jungkookie... she chose well." He raised my head to look at him even though my eyes were closed. "I suppose we'll wait until they wake up. You, alert us when they wake up."
"Yes, sir!" Then a bunch of footsteps started towards the doors and there was only one pair of footsteps left after a few minutes. "Jungkook and Y/N...I really don't want to beat you guys up, but it's my job." He sighed then sat on a box somewhere. "Are you awake? Your breathing is faster than a sleeping person's. I'm a really nice person so I'm going to go to the restroom for a bit. I HOPE that you DON'T wake up anytime soon and ESCAPE." I then heard his footsteps leave behind us.
"Y/N..." I whispered. I watched her eyes open immediately then look at me in surprise.
"You're awake! How long have you been awake?" I watched as a smile formed on her lips.
"I think maybe an hour or so." She started to undo the rope on her hands then I did the same. "Should we stay and try to fight them off or should we try to leave now?"
"Run, we have to get back to the others. They could be at either the street we were taken or the Big Hit building." I took her hand and started for the door.
"See, you two are smart." The person that was put on watch walked out from somewhere and walked towards us. I stood in front of y/n and put my arms out. "I'm not here to hurt you two. Just knock me out then when I wake up I'll tell them that you two surprise attacked me and ran out." I nodded and advanced towards him. "Before you put me out I'll tell you how to get back to the main town." He told us the general location of this place and the way to get back. "Now, knock me out. Gimme a good punch." I hesitated. "Afraid to hit someone? It's alright Jungkook, it's scary your first time. Just don't think about it too much."
"Kookie, if you're too scared to do it I can put him out." Y/N said behind me. It's not that I don't believe in her, it's just that I don't want her to throw the first punch against the facility. I advanced towards the guard and threw a punch at his jaw and he fell to the ground. Y/N let out a small yelp then pulled me out of the storage house. We ran outside and saw about five more storage houses and we heard one of them booming with sound. I silently walked towards the door and looked in.
All of the other people were sitting around boxes drinking and gambling. Typical. I dragged y/n from the view and away from the area. About an hour later of walking I saw a familiar street sign. I pointed it out to y/n and smiled then headed towards the Big Hit building. On our way we saw the street where we met the magician. I heard Taehyung call my name with fear in his voice.
"Tae!" Hoseok came out from an alley and the others also came out of other alleys and met in the center of he street. "It was probably the facility. Kookie can fight them off, just believe in them." Hoseok put an arm around Taehyung and hugged him. I could see tears forming in the corner of Taehyung's eyes.
"GUYS!!!" Y/N shouted, scaring me because of the sudden scream. "WE'RE HERE!!!" She grabbed my hand and ran towards them. They all ran up to us and gave us hugs and a few of them had tears in the corner of their eyes.
"We thought that someone had really kidnapped you!" Taehyung put and arm around me. "The magician ran away after he did his magic act. The guy told us that this was an act by the facility. We aren't allowed to go to the police about facility incidents so we had to look everywhere."
"They really should make it so that we know if their from the facility or not." Jimin was apparently talking to y/n because he was facing her. "We really need to get back. We called them and told them what happened so they won't get mad at us for being late. It's been almost two hours since so they might be getting worried." I nodded then followed Jin as we walked back.
"Kookie." Y/N whispered to me then took my hand. "Thanks." Then she didn't say anything else on the way back.
Yah...sorry you all had to wait a bit. I've been trying to piece together a story for Joonie's part but I can't think of a good story. Sorry again for the wait. If you want to read the chapters before they are posted here on Vingle, you can read them on Wattpad and/or vote for the story <here>. I hope that you all are enjoying the story so far! Any and all suggestions, feedback, or questions are welcome here! M'kay, bye~
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