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Was anyone else ever obsessed with playing The Sims?

I feel like that game totally satisfies that weird sadistic side of us that likes throwing people into increasingly bizarre situations. So bizarre, in fact, that you probably shouldn't be talking about them where people can hear you.
The Sims was my jam! I always killed people so I could just have ghosts roaming around. Man, what a fun game.
for real tho. I mean, who doesn't wanna play as God in their own little made up world. I mean who else wants to be a ninja but cant? cus Sims made that a thing for me.
this is why I quote talking about Sims outside my home
@annamolly I thought it was just me who liked starving them. sometimes I'd cook and wall them in a room with the stove and then make the sim stop cooking so it would catch on fire and they would be trapped lmao
Yeah...definitely don't want to talk about it in public. "I walled John in and left him there til he starved to death." "I created a monster and it won't stop eating people."
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