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This is Gordon Hayward, small forward of the Utah Jazz.

He has been the center of attention lately, not for his performance on the court, but for his haircut.

This was Hayward when he was playing college ball at Butler.

He's just a boy in this pic. And the hair game? WAY TOO BASIC.

This pic was of him during his rookie days.

Not much has changed since his college days other than the fact he got a larger biceps. The haircut game? Still weak.


One simple haircut and Gordon Hayward just turned from boy into man. One simple haircut and Gordon Hayward is now considered one of the hottest basketball players in the league!
His secret to his new look?

He no longer lets his wife cut his hair.

Instead, he goes to a professional hairdresser in Salt Lake City. Also, he credits his new look to the "hair dryer". In an interview, Hayward said,
“The blow-dryer is the most important thing. So after you wash it and get it wet you have to use the hairdryer, and I think some guys are afraid of it. I always thought you only used the blow-dryer on hot. Like, I never thought you would go and do it with the cool setting. I didn’t even know what that little blue button was for until he told me. You are learning new things every day at the barbershop.”

Boys, let's go out and get some hair dryers this weekend!

@marshalledgar It's all good haha I did hear somewhere that using hair dryers is pretty bad for your hair as well
@KyleBerke One simple haircut can change a man haha
Gordon Hayward's hair game is 🔥🔥🔥
@DavidGom Hahaha get on that my friend
Im not a hair dryer kind if guy
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