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Ewing has been the lead assistant coach for the Hornets and has been an assistant for four teams over the past 13 seasons.
Despite his NY background, and strong level of experience as an assistant, why has Ewing been passed over for so many coaching gigs?
"I've been doing this, what, 13 years now?" he said. "I see people who don't have the same amount on their résumé as I do and still have gotten opportunities. It is what it is. All I can do is continue to work, continue to get better at my craft, and hopefully one day somebody will give me an opportunity and I'll show that I'm ready."
Phil is looking to have someone who he is familiar with and that will run the Triangle. This has caused a lot of potential coaches to shy away from this gig. One thing is evident: Kurt Rambis isn't working.
Why not give Ewing a shot?
Should Knicks Give Ewing Head Coach Gig?
At least I don't think they're going to have that stint that LeBron had with the Cavs earlier this season
I don't know about his tactics but having a legend in the coaching spot can def motivate the players and they will automatically respect him.