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BTS' Experiment Collection
Jimin's pov
"Ji~~~mi~~~n..." I slowly came back to consciousness and heard a voice calling my name softly nearby. "Jimin, wake up." I slowly opened my eyes and lifted my head, despite everything hurting. "You're not dead!" I turned my head to see who was speaking to me. "Are you hurting?" The woman wasn't y/n as I expected it to be, instead it was a woman in her mid-twenties and had scars up and down her arms and legs.
"Where's y/n?" Before I went out I saw straight fear in y/n's eyes. It's my job to protect her anyways.
"Y/N?" The woman had to think for a second. "Oh! She's in the medical room right now. Someone accidentally fractured one of her bones." She stood up and walked behind me. "You're bleeding pretty badly. We're really sorry we had to do that." A wet cloth was placed on my forehead and the woman wiped away the dried blood.
"Why would crazed kidnappers care about our health?" I was really worried about y/n I almost cried.
"We're from the facility, don't worry. We're hoping to be able to release you today but y/n is pretty out of it." She held out a pill and a bottle of water. "Pain killer." I slowly reached for the pill and the water and took them slowly. "You two were supposed to fight your way out of here and get back to the others but as you know, y/n isn't doing so well."
"Can I see her please?" She nodded and helped me up. I didn't know I had a limp until I tried to walk and nearly fell. "Ah...could you help me?" She pulled me up easily and half carried me down a few halls. "Y/N was telling me that she had to do a lot of training during her time at the facility." The woman sighed.
"I know, all of them had to. She was really strong girl there, maybe stronger than you." She gave a little smirk and stopped at a door labelled "MEDICAL" and looked nicer than most of the other areas. "You first, don't fall." She opened the door and helped me in. It was a pretty big room with a lot of medical equipment on one side and five hospital beds on the other. Two of the beds were occupied, one of which was the boy from the store and the other was y/n.
"Hey there." I limped into the room and sat beside y/n.
"Jimin?" The boy sat up and removed a bandage over one of his eyes and looked at me.
"You're here."
"Oh, hey there. What happened to you?" I looked at all of his injuries and a possible fractured bone here and there.
"I told the others that you two were taken and they hit me. After I told them that I'm, er, we are from the facility they just hit me more." He wrapped a new bandage around his head covering his eye. "They calmed down then ran out while it was still raining. I knew that they didn't go to the police since it's a new rule the facility came up with last week." He leaned back in his bed and looked at y/n. "Jimin, can I trust you?"
"What? I mean, you can, but with what?" I was a little dumbfounded.
"Can I trust you to protect y/n. Not just from the facility, but from any negative thing." I nodded and held her hand. "You're a lucky guy y'know. Everyone at the facility loved her even though no one could say anything in her favor to others. I know she's older than me by like five years or something like that, but..." He trailed off and sighed. "The assignment was to have you two fight a few of us and escape but she's out."
"How bad are her injuries? It just looks like a bunch of bruises." I rubbed a spot where a bruise was forming.
"The most severe of her injuries is wrist fracture." He sat back up with a smile on his face. "You two still need to get out of here today. Just carry her back! You're strong enough." I thought about it.
"I have a limp though. I can barely carry myself." The boy got up and slowly made his way to a closet on the other side.
"Use this. You won't have to return it." It was a wheelchair. "We'll strap her in and you can push her back." I nodded and the boy helped me put y/n into the wheelchair and a seat belt-like thing across her. "Alright, to get back you need to..." He told me various ways of getting back to the main town area and the Big Hit building.
"Thank you." I grabbed the handles of the wheelchair and pushed her out of the room and down the hall. We only passed a few people who didn't look at us or just continued on without a comment. "Y/N, we're outside." I rubbed her head then continued on.
"Ji...ji..." Y/N mumbled. I stopped walking and looked at her face.
"Y/N? Y/N!" I stroked her face and her eyes opened. "Y/N!!" I pulled her into a tight hug which made her flinch. "Y/N? What's wrong?"
"It-it just hurts." I stood back up and continued pushing her back to where we were earlier that day. "Who were those people?"
"Facility." Just that one word made her freeze.
"Are we going back to the others?"
We heard the others scream up and down the streets.
"WE'RE RIGHT HERE!!!" I pushed y/n towards their voices and sped up when I heard their running footsteps get closer.
"JIMINIE!!!" Yoongi and Taehyung gave me a tight hug first then the others after talking to y/n.
"Y/N, what happened? Why are you in a wheelchair?" Jin crouched down in front of her.
"She got really beaten up. We both did." I leaned down beside y/n and poked her cheek.
"Let's get back to the company. We've been gone for too long and you look pretty bad." Hoseok said.
"Thanks for that, Hoseok." Y/N gave him a very sassy look.
"Let's just go now." I turned y/n back and followed Namjoon down the street to get back to the building.
This is the fourth time I've tried to post this story. Anyways, you guys liking the story so far? Do ya like it, love it, maybe even hate it? I want this story to be like half of what you readers want. That means any and all suggestions will be integrated into the story at some point or another. Any feedback is great and any questions are welcomed here. M'kay, bye~
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