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Over the past couple of seasons, many have considered the Cowboys contenders for a championship.
Despite the high pre-season praise from many scouts, the team has fallen short time and time again. One of the big issues is the inability for quarterback Tony Romo to stay healthy.
With the Cowboys picking #4 overall, they should be in position to at least nab the second best quarterback on the board. Should they move on from Romo?
This team is built to win now.
That means, the Cowboys can't wait 2-3 years for a quarterback to find his groove. This team is healthy has the talent to make the push offensively, so why take a player this high that won't be able to help this team win right now?
The Cowboys could use a dynamic playmaker at defensive end of linebacker. I say pick the best player on board at either of those spots. Defense is a need, so stack up depth their and apply pressure on teams on 3rd down.

Should the Cowboys move on from Romo and take a QB with the 4th pick?

idk lol
Honestly romo isn't getting the job done so it would be smart for them to draft a QB in the first round
I think they should Romo has had better days and I don't think he's of much use to the Cowboys