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Somewhere along the line, tickling fingers become caressing fingers. His laughing, smiling face turns serious,
“Have I told you how beautiful you are?”
You blush and look away but he turns your face back to his,
“Fine. You’re so damn sexy.”
He has a wicked smile on his face and you can’t help but laugh. You thread your fingers through his hair and those are the last words spoken for the next hour.
The white noise of the TV is suddenly really loud. You look over at the TV with a laugh,
“I guess we missed the movie.”
He looks over at the TV,
“Huh. I say they all died, how’s that for an ending?”
You laugh, “Probably really accurate.”
He looks over at you, tucked up under his arm.
“I really don’t want to go home tonight.”
You snuggle in closer.
“Okay, and that isn’t helping.” He kisses the top of your head,
“Think your roommate would be offended if I crash here on the couch?”
You look up at him questioningly,
“Why would that bother her? Unless you intend to sleep naked on my couch?”
He reaches down and pinches you;
“Don’t tempt me woman. You know I’d do it just for shock value.”
You pinch him back in the chest,
“Yes, you would; bad Jiho. No, I don’t think she’d have a problem, I’ll text her and warn her though.”
He looks over as you start texting,
“You should probably warn her that I’ll have you glued to my side.”
You look up, “glued? Is that like prisoner? Captive?”
He captures your lips,
“Like I’m not letting you go.”
In the morning you can hear Missy snoring in the other room. Your neck has a slight kink, the couch isn’t all that comfortable, but Jiho really is. He's so comfy in fact, you inch just a little bit closer, not willing to leave your source of heat. One hand gives you a little squeeze while the other comes up to stroke your hair. You feel a small kiss on the top of your head and hear a mumbled
“Good Morning.”
You inch your way over his chest, to rest your head on your folded hands. You kiss his chin,
“Good Morning.”
He stretches a little,
“Wow, your couch is really….” He lets out a moan. “Horribly uncomfortable.”
You both laugh.
“Yep, but I had this great pillow.”
You pat at his chest like you would fluff a pillow and he grabs your hands,
“Are you calling me fat or fluffy?”
You get a wicked gleam in your eye,
“And if I was?”
“I would have to prove to you what a liar you are.”
You make a pretense of climbing on top of him, but then pop off on the other side. “Guess that means time to get up! Who’s hungry for food?"
He slowly sits up,
“Was that qualification of ‘food’ for my benefit?”
“Nobody else’s,” you grin and head into the kitchen.
A few minutes later you hear him come out of the bathroom and hand him the spatula.
“American breakfast, can you not burn the eggs while I freshen up?”
He looks down with a slight frown,
“I can’t promise anything. Don’t take too long.”
You reach over and turn the stove down, smack him on the butt and escape from the room hearing him yell, “HEY!”
After breakfast you have to ask the question you’ve been wondering all week,
“So, shouldn’t you be working?”
He smirks, “I wondered when you’d bring that up.”
“Well, aren’t idols known for having no time? I mean, I know you write songs for yourself, your group, and you do some producing too?”
He smiles, “I took a break this week. I figured I’d have enough time to start doing all that stuff again when you return to school next week. Right?”
You nod, “Yeah. So how is that going to work? Was this all just a week thing?”
He reaches over and pulls your necklace out from under your shirt,
“Nope. I don’t plan on going anywhere unless you kick me to the curb. Are you?”
Do you look stupid?
“Not in this lifetime.”
I'm not stupid lol
oh zico i love waking up on you. but mabye we should have traveled to the floor or even mt bed. Just thinking how uncomfortable this couch really is
oh the feels like for real.
Ohh the fluffiness😊😊 *sigh*
I'm think I need tagged here too. I can't have my man getting up to so many shenanigans without me. 😉
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