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If you're into online dating then you probably know that it can be super awkward at times, especially when it comes to sparking up a conversation. While it's usually the guy who messages the woman, sometimes the guy doesn't have much to say himself. We'll just go with it and take that as a compliment because the woman's looks blew him away. It's okay fellas, we get it. Sometimes you guys can be at a loss for words as well.
In this man's case, he played it off rather well after messaging 'Merry Chrismad' instead of 'Merry Christmas' during the holiday season. We blame auto correct, but he managed to play it off Michael Jackson style. Talk about a smooth criminal. Although this tinder user had absolutely nothing to say to his potential beau after his minor slip up, he decided the best thing he could do to break the ice was send facts about pandas. Keep scrolling to see how this rather awkward conversation panned out.

Fellas, was this method clever?

Ladies, would you have continued to reply?
I think because A LONG TIME AGO I typed Thabks and Yiu, that's what prompts first for "thanks" and "you." Ugh...
Lol I didn't think it was awkward either, but that's what it was categorized as so I just went and ran with it. Auto correct messes me up on the daily @marshalledgar
did it work??? I gotta know!!!
Lol probably loves pandas 馃槀馃槀 @danidee
She has more patience than us. Either that or she really loves pandas.
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