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i hope you enjoy this!!! this is my first ever fan fic!!!
As you close your locker and head to your classroom you hear something shouting your name. You turn around to see your best friend Daesung yelling "(Y/N)!!! wait up!!!" while running towards you * this ought to be good * you thought. When he reaches you he hunches over trying to calm down while saying" man this is crazy im so unfit ", you giggle at his comment and how he gives you a slight shove with a small smile. His smile quickly disappears as he remembers what he needed to tell you "(Y/N).... I have something to show you its about....." the bell rings cutting him off and you realize you are going to be late so you ask to talk afterschool. He sighs and nods ok . You walk into your classroom and see your boyfriend Seungri smiling and waving in your direction. " man hes gonna kill me one day with that smile" you whisper to yourself as you wave back then take your seat. After class you both hold hands while talking about how your day was when you suddenly remembered you have to meet Daesung. you say your goodbyes and then quickly pull your phone out to see 3 missed messages ♥BESTIE♥: Hey (Y/N) where are you i want to meet I still need to talk to you. is your phone dead?? ill be in the front at 5:30 hope youll be there and if you are late missy ill have to tickle you haha! YOU: Hey im soo sorry ill be there in a sec and you are totally not gonna tickle me haha
you wave to him as you see him playing on his phone to get his attention. He looks up with sorrowful eyes and embraces you. Stunned you stand there not knowing if he had endured something terrible. He slowly pulls back and says "(Y/N)...... "
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