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Exo 4 Years Anniversary Game
I wanted to play this game because.......WHY NOT? EXO'S ANNIVERSARY IS COMING UP AND I NEED TO CHILL. and thanks to @EmilyPeacock for making this game ^_^
The one who pulled me in: It was Luhan! I first saw him in the Growl MV and I was like "who dis cute pink hair gir-man...." Actually, I thought his name was Kai at first lol
The one that I first stanned: It was Kai! He was so handsome and such a great dancer that he just pulled me into his arms.....jk I wish that would happen T^T ughhh he's so sexy and adorable I cannot
The one who made me stay: tbh it would be all of them. But if I had to choose one them it would be Chanyeol! I swear, he kills me with his beautiful smile everytime and omg his arms are my life <3
The one who crashed my list: ....as much as I hate to admit this......IT'S SEHUN! THE MAKNAE! UGHHH I HATE/LOVE HIM SO MUCH. HE MAKES MY LIFE SO COMPLICATED AND EASY AT THE SAME TIME. IDK ANYMORE.
Here's some random Exo shiz cuz why not? Xiumin as the first cuz he my UB lelz
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