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Excuse me why I use this space to vent about this beautiful man who I can't stop staring at. Truthfully speaking...can you? The bias beyond bias. I think I found you but let me stop fangirling for a moment and focus one one of Song Joong Ki's best features.
No, not abs.
No, not the eyes.
No, not the lips.

Yes, the hair.

As his career changed, his hair also evolved. He went form being a cute to irresistibly handsome. Want to know the secret? It's all about the cut & style.

2009. Where did that wig come from?

2009. The popular helmet hair.

2010. Still embracing the helmet hair but it's outgrown. Mr. stylist is part it to the side.

2011 - It's about time he got a haircut!

2012 - The breakthrough and the innocent guy hairstyle.

2012 - "Innocent Guy" gets a upgrade.

2013 - Crew cut and off to the military!

2015 - Fresh off the military and growing that hair!

2016 - Looks like he can't leave the military armor behind yet.

What's your favorite look out of all his hairstyles?

2012 is when I first really paid attention to Joongki so I feel like those two styles are the ones I connect with most :D
@biancadanica98 I agree with you. That's the best hairstyle of SJK!
2012 innocent guy hairstyle is so cute and fits him perfectly
now there are reports he will be shaving it all off for his next role - another military one. I think if anyone call pull off bald, it is him.