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Happy 4 years EXO!
We as EXO-Ls, and both the current and former members have gone through so much together. Dating information being released, members leaving, many injuries, and much more.
I've only known of EXO since September of 2013 and I didn't actually start paying attention to them until about October of 2013 when I saw growl, so I haven't been with them the entire way. But when I came I was welcomed into the fandom with a lot of helpful tips to help me learn names. Watching EXO show time always made me feel happy, even when I felt like I was useless(it wasn't often don't worry!)
I still need to mention the former members. They remind me that if I'm having a hard time with my life, or am unhappy with it, I can change it.
I want to say something about each member individually, but I'm really bad with words(that's why this card is awkward). All I can say is each member is very special to me, and I hope they can stay happy. Thank you for reading my card, and I'm sorry I'm not great with words but I wanted to write something :)