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I'm not kidding you when I say I've borderline almost screamed at someone in class they were pissing me off that much, god damn stress, fuckin' with my life, high school sucks
I hated high school and I'll tell you what there's been plenty of times as an adult that I take a deep breath and tell myself to count to 10. LOL
@CreeTheOtaku oh yeah, can't wait for that one...
high school is still in my opinion one of the biggest waste of time out there what they teach is so basic instead of 12 years we could achieve it in 9 but they want yo make u repeat classes and all that dumb drama like fuck when i was in highschool i wouldnt notice it but once im out i saw all that bullshit for what it was man life after college is so much harder for me i have work in the morning so i wake up at 5 and dont get home till 5 and tuesday and thursdays i have school which is from 5:30 to 10:30 with me getting a monday class too in a week and i can still say that even with this busy ass schedule i still think its better than high school
@Shazangarang Story of my life bro
@Dynamo doing homework a class before it's due ain't fun but it gets the job done
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