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Snacks? You were all ready to fight the police, but treats would've worked the entire time?

Wait, do cats really climb trees though? I've never owned a cat.
I remember when I was a kid, I had a kitten that was stuck in a tree. It climbed too high and just meowed forever. I put my arms out and kept telling it I'll catch you, I'll catch you.. and it actually leaped into my arms. was the coolest thing ever and it quickly became my best friend. Thanks for the throw back 馃槃馃槃
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Yes cats do climb a tree only when they get scared I know that and I don't have a cat hahahahaha
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That's one tall cat. I think he would habe beaten the police in a fist fight.
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My parents' cat climbed the tallest tree in the woods and got stuck in it. When we were putting the super tall ladder against the tree he got scared and ran down it. Yeah cats climb trees, they're just not great at getting back down them.
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I have a cat her name is yin yang,she is black and white so adorable. I had a male cat before her but my dad put him outside and I think someone took him so I don't see him aroung :'( but there are other cats walking around and yeah cats climb trees, in our household we have 4 cats lol
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