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These are my results. Thanks to @Gaarita100 for the card.
Luhan and I knew each other when we were younger. We must've been good friends.
But Chanyeol is my best friend. Someone help me from this crazy monster, he keeps dragging Baekhyun along when we're hanging out. (BaekYeol!)
And the little baby panda is my bias, I mean it's obvious, look at him 🐼
Why must you betray me like that Luhan?! We grew up together 😩
The sassy maknae is my boyfriend. I think I need help from him, dragging Luhan on all of our dates. He's the reason why Luhan and I can't get along. Sehun stop with the HunHan already, you have me. (I really do ship HunHan, OTP!)
Okay so my bias, the panda, Tao makes me cheat on Sehun because he's secretly in love with me, and then ends up breaking my heart. This Gucci lover seriously needs to stop. (Don't stop, Tao. I love you!)
But in the end, my best friend becomes my husband. He stood by me through thick and thin. (And he's secretly cheating on me with Baekhyun because his eyeliner is better than mine. Sorry not sorry because BaekYeol is adorable!)
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