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I hate it when the main character parents die. I even hate it when the main character or your favorite character dies too. It's just too sad, you know. Below is a list of people who's parents died and main/favorite characters who died also.


Naruto || Naruto Uzumaki

His parents died

Bleach || Ichigo Kurosaki

His mom died

Fullmetal Alchemist || Edward Alphons

His parents died

Another || Sakakibara Kouichi

His mother died

Blue Exorcist || Rin Okumura

His parents died

Mayo Chiki || Sabaru Konoe

Her mom dies

Natsnatsume Yuujinchou || Natsume Takashi

His parents died

Clannad || Ushio Okazaki

Her mom dies

Elfen Lied || Mariko Kurama

Her mom died

Bakugan || Shun Kazami

His mom dies

Fruits Basket || Tohru Honda

Her father dies

Vampire Knight || Zero Kiryu

His parents died

One Piece || Nami

Her parents died

Gurren Legann || Simon

His parents died

Inazuma Eleven || Fubuki Shirou

Whole family died

Black Butler || Ceil Phantomhive

His parents died

K Project || Mikoto Suoh

Mikoto dies

Death Note || Lawiet

L dies
Yeah I know I only put two characters that died but I reached the maximum card limit so yeah. They are my favorite characters too. That's why I put them last. However there was more people I would love to put but this is all I can. But you see why I mean it's too much deaths in anime. (. . ) Tagging Mods : @InVinsybll @hikaymm
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for fruits basket its also tohrus mom that dies as well. but fruits basket still makes me cry to this day. Same with Clannad it kills me lol
@ReinShirai with the comment @AnimeNerdie made, its right, both of Tohru's parents are dead before the series has started...
@KokoroNoTakara I cried so hard for the death of tohrus parents all I wanted to do was cry (I also read the Manga)
@AnimeNerdie Omg me too... I hardly ever cry for myself in rl but damn it, Anime and Asian Dramas get me becoming a waterfall...
I remember DC Comics once released an article describing what it took to be a hero and surprisingly superpowers was not a necessity. But apparently being an orphan was number one or at least having one parent die. because in order to be a hero they have to learn to be strong and independent early on