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this is no some type of joke, Jimin actually wrote this.
Can't believe that Jimin got to this point. I am sick and tired of people telling him to be skinny. I am sick and tired of the high standars that idols have to accomplish. I am sick and tired of people who only like idols because of their appearance and not because of talent. And I am so sick and tired of being a kpop fan. I don't want to support and continue giving money to companies who make idols go on a diet just to please people's perception of beauty. I know it's sometimes.part of their contract, and their job is to follow it. But really, I never thought that accomplishing their dreams would come to this point.To the point that you are not yourself anymore, to the point you can be fake. ( I am not saying that BigHit does this, but some companies do) I am not only saying this because is Jimin, but mostly to put an example of where does fatshaming begans, because idols let companies do this to them. Kpop will never evolve if people don't stop judging an idol because of their apperace rather than by talent. Can't help it, I am sorry, but I am so disappointed in all of this.
I had to leave the app for a little bit I was so upset! I have no words how to express my disappointment, because I don't know who's to blame. The demanding fans, the industry, or the culture... Also, Jimin promised us he would be chubby for 2016! 馃槩馃槨 Doesn't help that I already had a somewhat emotional day. 馃槯
I'm disappointed to. My friend shared this with me. I just want to say that most Jimin Stans switched over to Jungkook because he got abs..? Like he's wonderful the way he is. But for some reason the idols don't understand it or I just don't understand Koreas beauty standards. But everyone is beautiful the way they are. They don't need to change anything.
Jimin was beautiful in every way before going on a diet! It's not normal how skinny he got! We need to stop forcing idols to go on diets because it's a danger to their health! As long as my favorite bands are healthy and OK I'm happy! But I'm not happy right because Jimin is unhealthily skinny and it doesn't help when people are asking him how to lose weight or that he's too fat! He wasn't! He was perfectly fine and healthy! If you truly love your idols and their bands you should support them in eating and being healthy! Sorry about my rant guys!
God bless Jimin!! he tries his hardest to please but at this point it seems like he's trying to hard!! its great that he thinks of his fans but he needs to think about himself. starving yourself to be skinny isnt healthy yet he does it just so we can be satisfied!! it wont work out for u in the end (trust me, im just like Jimin and i fall victim to this all the time;it never fails) i guess what im trying to say is that Jimin needs to relax. he doesn't have to try to be perfect. he can sing, dance, and basically take over the stage. hes already too good to be true鉂も湪
sadness he was more than beautiful before now he doesn't look as healthy
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