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Nakama Campfire Challenge #6 - Anime clichés that I don't like. Hmm this one was kind of a tough one for me to do for some reason. But ultimately I decided to chose just one and that one is the ignorant/dense main character who doesn't see the obvious.
Weather it has to do with the girls around them liking them or just some obvious situation dealing with the plot or story and they just don't see it. I get sometimes you miss things like that but damn to miss them every single time even when it's something right in front of your face!! I mean really!? How did you land the role again??
I guess this is just my personal thought about it. I kinda just chose this one cause this was a hard one to chose for, well for me any way. Tomorrow's card should be a little easier to chose for but for now I'll just leave this one off where it's at. Thanks for reading all the way through this one, you're a trooper! Now tag the {NC} operators, so to say. @hikaymm @InVinsybll