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TOP... you don't have a driver you going to film the racing scene?
I can drive!!!
I can even drive without my feet!!
And I can paddle so fast... even YooJung were scare.
See I am born to paddle!!!
I am sure you will do wonderful with Cecilia Cheung!!!
She will enjoy the ride. Cr to the owner.
Having a license and knowing how to drive don't mean the same thing, the first one just makes you legal.
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The actual racing will probably be done by a stunt man and they will probably film him sitting in a car, or whatever is gonna be used for the racing, that's mounted on and being pulled by a camera truck or something.
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exactly...risk TOP getting injuried...YG wont allow it
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why does he have to drive...just have car service...he can afford it. he will get one eventually
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I do too TOP...But shhhh our secret^-^
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