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30 Day Cross Gene Challenge Days 5
Day 5 Favorite Dance Video
Amazing Bad Lady dance practice was the very first Cross Gene video I ever saw.
Bonus! I added a video of Show Champion, because I like the way they do the dance better. Plus the perfection that is them in these red suits must be shared. Well that and Shin's lip swipe at the beginning . I died !
And because I can't do a Cross Gene dance video card without mention my favorite song and concept! I will eventually sound like a broken record, TOO LATE lol, when it comes to this song. Some songs just stick with you. This is my favorite Cross Gene song. I had to add the Show Champion video. I am kinda in love/obsessed with those outfits.
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@AimeeH lol yeah I am found of them.
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@Tigerlily84 Hmmm. I wonder why?? XD
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@AimeeH lol! Let me count the ways........ Oh wait we don't have all day.
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@Tigerlily84 XD HAHA I ♡ U
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