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Much love~

I was going to post it yesterday but I live in the U.S so I'll just post it when it's April 8. I just wanted to say that Today is mine and Jonghyun's birthday. Jonghyun is my bias from SHINee~ He was the first bias I ever had when I entered the Kpop fandom. I hope he had a wonderful day (even though he spend it yesterday) As you can see, it's also EXO's 4th anniversary! EXO is my top bias group but since I am dearly hurt. I am currently taking a break from them. I still love EXO though. I just need a break... Anyways, Happy to me and Jonghyun and Happy 4th Anniversary EXO! You guys changed my life~ I hope all my followers have a Great Day! I love you guys ^^ ❤️
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