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To celebrate spending four wondrous years with our favorite boys and in honor of many more, I decided to play this screen shot game. Not that I have a thing for screenshot games...nope. I was tagged by @Isolate, @EliseB, and @isabellaelliott This awesome game was created by @Gaarita100
Aww Lay! He's so mellow and chill. I can just picture the little versions of us playing with Pokemon, me dragging him around, and playing weird make believe games. Aww!
Kai, Oh Kai. Chicken really does create the most magical of friendships. We're both mischievous too. Truly a beautiful friendship.
Really? Why am I always the last one to find out these things??
Well that's ironic since he's my bias. I can see it tho. I don't doubt our personalities would clash. You know how you just see someone and you get this feeling like, theyre cool but we ain't gonna get along. That's me and Baekhyun.
Oh Luhan! We would be the cutest, lankiest couple ever. I can see the couple tees and shoes and disgustingly cute selfies now. Plus, we all know he has a nasty side >;)
How is this remotely a surprise to anyone?? Um, Hello. Sorry, Luhan, but he's Tao. THE Tao. So hell yeah.
With all the sarcasm, I had no idea! Oh Chen, you know you have a special place in my heart.
Well...being as I cheated on him with Tao, I'm not too surprised by this. But maybe the reason why I cheated was because of Luhan...ohhhh shit. Getting deep in here.
... Wait wait wait wait. What? *double take* but we couldn't stand each other-ohhhh I see its a kdrama love affair thing. Our clashing was too passionate and burned into something else. Something strange and wonderful.
Well that was fun!
that was so all over the place lol perfect for you!!!