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Girls ready for the Summer!!!!
If not!!! better get ready soon!!! because is coming!!! sooooonnnnn....
We got to look good for the "Skin" season!!! from bottom to TOP!!!!
GD will be watching you back!!!! just because you were watching him.
Taeyang will be watching you!!! with his shirt on... Why..TY Bae.... please take it off, remember you are allergic to shirt!!!
Our Maknae Panda will be growling at you!!! with "fire" behind hot hot!!
Our Daesung ...m.. will "smell" you!!! like a crab leg........ Smell... Smell...
So ready or not!! Girls we got to look good!!♡♡All Kpop Fangirls got to look Nice, very Nice♡♡
@KwonOfAKind I know, I know... I will keep your pride 😒😒😒😒
@lovetop I not a "pervert" I'm just enjoying the grand view♡♡♡ (^___^)
@KwonOfAKind....yes is time for you to start your pervert "Sign Seeking"...and is time for me to start my stalker mode for my "Skin Hunting Season" skin season coming already? I guess it's time for these ..*brings out binoculars*... what I'm just going "sight seeking" lol XD