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Big Bang ↝GD↜ his Manly Pride!
You are the Man!!!!
Still very cool!!!
Is still very "Manly"
I think you are showing us "Safety Manly" way!!
Don't worry GD Bae, your pride are safe with me!!!!!
But for how long?? as long as I remember!!...I promise!!!!
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@lovetop ehh......well in that case I'll have to hold on to TOPs pride a little longer then... I was thinking about trading pride with you but I guess you know what's best after all.....I'll just keep TOPs pride and you can keep guarding GDs...... (^__^)
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@KwonOfAKind I think GD is safe with you... I will need my TOP back for "skin" hunting season!!
2 years ago·Reply
Do u guys see GD is the background of that last clip. Both him and TOP woke up at the exact same time lol.
2 years ago·Reply
@raenel Like a couple GTOP
2 years ago·Reply
@lovetop hecks yes!!!
2 years ago·Reply