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Tiger was 100 hundred days old last Thursday :) So, I decided to celebrate for her 100th day birthday. (She didn't like wearing this birthday hat so my husband was just holding it for a second. Lots of efforts to just take this photo haha! Sorry Tiger for doing something stupid only human beings enjoy but you don't ;) )
And.. another photo with her birthday cake! (Yes, this is MY favorite one from Paris Baguette.. haha! Sorry again Tiger that I ate almost all and gave you only small pieces of strawberries ;) )
Tiger was desperately looking for a piece of the cake I put on the kitchen table. We're teaching her not to jump but it seems it's taking some time. Anyone knows what's the best way to teach puppies not to jump on people?
Biggie was waiting calm (that's my boy! - proud mom says).. but still didn't get a piece of cake. But I did give you some treats Biggie! Please don't look so sad :)
Just realized I did't post Biggie's 100th day birthday party photos. Next time!
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Awww this is adorable! Happy birthday Tiger! :)